Peter J Jackson Funeral Directors

10 Fifth St
Merredin Western Australia 6415

Situated in the heart of the Western Australian wheatbelt, formerly Gales Funeral Service, now under the name of Peter J Jackson, Funeral Directors is a member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association and we are bound by a strict code of Ethics and Practices. 

We provide some creature comforts with the Funeral Service such as *shade, in the shape of a marquee, cold  water and seating, microphone and music as chosen, along with a quality and personalised service to remember.  

You are never alone, we continue to care and we are only a phone call away. *If required will be available on  request when making the arrangements. 

Local Cremation Service

By having the cremation service in the family church, hall, local park, at home, we eliminate the need for  everybody to find transport and the three hour travel to Perth, only to have to return an hour or so later after the  service. This is especially convenient for older members of the family and a local service has no time factor  unlike the metropolitan crematorium chapels. As one metropolitan minister remarked when he travelled up to a  local town to do a service, "now we are in the country, we throw the watch away!"

We also follow the  guidelines that the Prices Surveillance Authority recommends. The AFDA has embarked on a self regulatory procedure to raise the standards based  on public health and work place standards. 

These standards will reflect Industry derived, rather than government imposed regulations. The certificate issued by the AFDA has indicated our firms commitment in quality management and staff safety with the HIV infectious control program and the required standards of premises,  equipment and vehicles. 

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