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My name is Julie and I would like to welcome you to Silkwood Funerals, sharing my personal story with you. I cannot think of a more wonderful, fulfilling journey than the one that has led me here today, to you and other countless families and individuals that have experienced a great loss in their lives.

I accept that caring for others is my calling, that integrity is my greatest strength and honouring and empowering families is my reward. After 16 years of serving communities of all cultures and beliefs within the confines of prominent companies, I have been able to break free of the mundane, the average and the careless attitudes by stepping away and returning to what really matters and what drives me; which is you. I have created Silkwood Funerals for the betterment of those I serve, to give back to families and the communities the gentleness, Intimacy and respect we all deserve in this our greatest time of need and grief.

It was at an early age that my grandfather brought me into his world of funeral service and I immediately knew that this was where I needed and wanted to be. With un-wavering family and community support, and knowledge I soon found myself to be a prominent and dedicated member of funeral service with a well-earned professional reputation for helping and supporting families with a dedication previously only held for my own family.

Throughout my career this passion has only increased as I found myself reaching out to communities and cultures that previously did not have the support or knowledge that I could offer and I am proud to still offer to this day. This passion, dedication and need to serve is what has led me here, to creating Silkwood Funerals so that I may continue to stay true to myself, my values and ethics and none so more important than families in this time of confusion and doubt.

Silkwood Funerals is about creating a positive experience in the darkest of times, reducing stress and fear by providing clear communication, honesty and empathy and a service that is second to none.

Julie Whately

Director, Silkwood Funerals

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