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In Memoriam

WINWOOD (SIMON ROBERT) 26.02.1974 - 16.04.2020

Simon, you left us all heartbroken one year ago today. You were the strength that held us together as a family and we think and talk about you everyday. Still so hard to believe and we miss you so dearly. Lots of love Dad, Mum, Michelle, Charne, Alma and your loving daughter Kristine.

WINWOOD (Simon Robert):

Dear Simon writing this memoir of you is just a million heart aches when you've given up your last breath on my ears. It's never been easy that you're not with me and Kristine, if only I could turn back the clock dear, if only I could. I miss you a lot. Next time we meet we'll be at heaven's door, I will see you standing there, I won't cry anymore, I will put my arms around you and kiss your smiling face then the pieces of my broken heart fall back into place. I love you Simon. Your loving Wife Alma.

WINWOOD (Simon Robert):

Hi Daddy, I really miss that we don't go to Bunnings anymore but I really miss you and will always love you. Your loving Daughter, Kristine.

Published 16th Apr, 2021
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