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In Memoriam


Affectionately known as Mother Q, Nanna Q and BQ. 30 years ago you left us and still we remember you with love and laughter. You were widowed so young and you set yourself so many goals, the first of which was to put your daughters always first and foremost. Our life was full of fun in the wonderful home you created out of love and hard work. Not a day goes by when your name, your funny sayings and the wonderful memories you created are not spoken about. And, not just by your daughters and son-in-law, but also your grandchildren, great grandchildren, dear friends and business colleagues. That is the legacy you left us - love, laughter, respect and generosity. We thank you for the life, love and memories that you gave to so many. You will always be remembered as a most amazing, loving and generous Mother, Nanna Q, Business Owner and friend to so many.

Your generosity and fun-filled nature brought a smile to all who knew you. Nerida, Suzette, Ken, Katey-Jane, Haylee, Austyn and Jace.

Published 11th Jul, 2020
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