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09.05.1976 - 04.08.2002 PICKERING (Murray):

04.04.1947 - 09.03.2017 20 years and I am thinking back to the day you were born. At 6 months your heart operation, your first day at school, you were such an easy going young man, you excelled at school, sport and work. You always had great friends, your first car and motorbikes. Then you met and married Lynley, we were so proud of both of you. You built your lovely house, both families helped with painting, paving and gardens. After 2 years we were hopeful of news you were having a baby, instead we got the phone call at 5am, 4.8.2002 no parent wants to hear or a young wife wants to find, Zane had died. Finally you were an organ donor. You and Dad are together now. Forever young. Love you forever. Your Mum Zora

Published 4th Aug, 2022
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