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PARK Eileen

In Memoriam


11.08.1934 - 25.09.2020

My darling wife Eileen, 1 year has passed without you here with me, I miss you everyday. What a wonderful 40 years of love were had. You were my strength and inspiration. The love you put into everything you did brought so much joy and happiness to everyone.

When your hand slipped away, you took my heart with you, but your memory, so gentle, so kind, will always linger behind in me and your dearest of friends.

Your memory shines on each day and night as you watch over me and guide me through the heartache of not having you, my love by my side.

Not a day my dear Eileen goes by that I don't think of you, the days will be long until we meet again, very soon my love.

I will always love you. Your loving husband Ray xxx

Published 25th Sep, 2021
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