In Memoriam
MERCURI (Maria ): In loving memory of my mother-in-law. It's hard to believe 1 year has gone. The first thing I'd do each day was to look outside to see if your windows were open so I'd know you were ok. Now I go out to the front and I see an empty chair and you're no longer there to have a chat to. I know you are always there in spirit and in my heart. RIP. Mary Mercuri

Mercuri (Maria ): Remembering our dear 'Zia Maria'. We miss seeing you sitting in your chair at the front and your phrases like 'Chiau' and 'Nick-a-jim'. We are blessed to have so many treasured memories to make us smile and keep you always with us in our hearts. Also remembering Nonno who passed away 41 years ago yesterday. Reunited now with his wife. RIP. Cathy, Pino, Nick, Jimmy, Sharon and families

Published 15th Jan, 2015
ID: 2735276