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DASSIE Susanne

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DASSIE SUSANNE JOYCE 02.09.1956 - 20.04.2019

Beautiful, it's been 3 long, lonely years. Everything about you is around me. Each day with thoughts of you, treasured memories and what ifs. Words are inadequate to explain the loss I feel, time hasn't healed my heartache. Not a day passes without thinking of you; your loving nature; your smile; your eyes, which I'm lucky to see in our granddaughter, Evie. Thank you for every moment shared from the first time we met.

I love and miss you so much my beautiful Sue.

Until we meet again.

Eddie xoxo

Devoted mother to Jason, Eddie, Adam, Chiara and Trent.

In-law to Ayesha, Chris, Jacklyn and Nicole.

Devoted Nannie to Amelia, Gabriella, Katrina, Albie and Evie.

Published 20th Apr, 2022
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