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    Published in: The West Australian
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    - Catherine COSGROVE
    Published in: The West Australian

nee Trainor
(Catherine Mary):
Passed away unexpectedly on Sunday 3 December 2017 but do not be overly worried, she still had a smile on her face when she departed in her sleep. She now has gone to meet her Maker.

She was affectionately known as "Aunty" or "AC" (Aunty Cath) by her family. We are not sure where this nickname came from but we think it originated from her nieces, Sarah and Rebecca, with whom she spent a great deal of time during their formative years. She loved them deeply and, in actuality, she was a very close sister to them.

Cath and her siblings inherited many wonderful attributes from their parents, Reg and Bernice, whom she is now going to join. Cath had a brain the size of a planet and, with the possible exception of her father, Reg, had the best mind that we have ever known. She was sharp as a tack and (endearingly) it came with a tongue to match. One of our favourite memories of Cath is when she received a very costly quote from Jim's Gardens - Cath's response was, "I only asked you to cut the grass. Not to buy the bloody house."

Cath had a larger-than-life personality. They threw away the mould when they made her. Another loveable characteristic of Cath was that she was generous to a fault. She would give you her last dollar, the coat off her back and the shoes she was wearing, if you needed them more than her.

We apologise to all of our friends and family that we haven't mentioned. Nevertheless, we do thank Andy and Maha in Dubai and Mark and Siska in Bali for their friendship and support throughout the last 20 years. Siska and Maha were also Cath's adopted sisters and they loved each other dearly.

Although Cath was devout in her faith, she also loved and respected her friends who held other beliefs. One night when we were in Penang, we witnessed the brightest moonlit night we had ever experienced - the palm trees looked as though they had been dusted with frost. We eagerly stayed up the following night to see the spectacle again - nothing, just an ordinary moonlit night. It wasn't until many weeks later when we were discussing this with one of her closest friends, Maha, who stated that she believed that Cath had been blessed. Maha told us that the date and time that we had seen this spectacular moonlit night corresponded with the "Night that angels walked the Earth" (from the Holy Koran). Most Muslims wish to witness this event but very very few experience it.

Cath was a consumate teacher and she mixed with kings and queens - well actually, sheiks and princesses in the UAE. She taught many younger members of the royal families there. The students and their parents highly respected Cath - not only for her teaching ability but also for the person that she was.

Cath was an avid reader of poetry, especially First World War poetry. Her Masters Degree was in English literature. Therefore, we think it fitting to include a poem that epitomises her:

At Rest (author unknown)

Think of me as one at rest,
for me you should not weep
I have no pain no troubled thoughts
for I am just asleep
The living thinking me that was,
is now forever still
And life goes on without me now,
as time forever will.

If your heart is heavy now
because I've gone away
Dwell not long upon it friend
For none of us can stay
Those of you who liked me,
I sincerely thank you all
And those of you who loved me,
I thank you most of all.

And in my fleeting lifespan,
as time went rushing by
I found some time to hesitate,
to laugh, to love, to cry
Matters it now if time began
If time will ever cease?
I was here, I used it all,
and now I am at peace.

Andrew and I could have written so much more but we have reached the allowable word limit.

From her devoted partner, Angus, and her beloved son, Andrew.

Funeral Mass will be held at St Patrick's Basilica, 47 Adelaide Street, Fremantle at 10am on Monday 18 December 2017.

Celebration reception of Cath's life will follow the funeral ceremony in the afternoon at the Swan Yacht Club, Riverside Road, Preston Point, East Fremantle WA 6158.

Cath wouldn't want either the funeral or the reception to be a dreary affair. She would want you to celebrate her life. Yes, feel the sorrow but put it "in-a-box." All that Cath would want is for you to think of her sometimes and to remember the love and happiness that you brought each other.

Published in The West Australian from Dec. 6 to Dec. 11, 2017
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